Beauty Tips By Shahnaz Husain: 6 Makeup Hacks To Try This Monsoon

Make-up poses a problem during the monsoons, due to high humidity. It never seems to last and should be kept to a bare minimum, especially during the day. If the skin is clear, without any blemishes, avoid foundation. For day make-up, keep to a colorless baby powder, use a powder compact. Before applying powder or foundation, wipe the skin with a rose-based skin tonic. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and wipe the skin with it. This helps to close the pores.Also Read – Say Hello to Smooth And Shiny Legs With These Easy to Follow Tips by Shahnaz Husain

For the night, if you wish to use foundation, choose a water-based one and blend well. You can even add a drop of water, before applying it for a lighter coverage. If you use a concealer for blemishes, it should be done before using the foundation. Pat the foundation with a damp sponge when you apply it, so that the concealor is not rubbed off. Also Read – Skincare Tips: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Include Milk In Your Beauty Routine, Skin Benefits Of Milk – Watch Video

Powder blushes would help to reduce oil and provide a glow. Blend well and go for pinks and peaches. Also Read – Skincare Tips: Neck Lines And Wrinkles? Follow These Simple And Effective Tips – Watch Video

After using lipstick, add a touch of lip gloss, which actually gives a “cool” look. Or, you can use frosted lipsticks, i.e. lipsticks with shine. You can even add a touch of your lip gloss on the center of the upper eyelids. These are some of the tricks to look cool.

For colours in lipstick, choose from light pink and mauve, which are “icy” colors and look cool. It may be a good idea to stick to lip gloss during the day. For the night, you can use brighter colors.

Eye make-up during the day should also be light. In fact, you can leave out eyeliner and pencil and line your eyes with brown eye shadow, or brown eyeliner, or brown eye pencil. Gray liner or pencil also looks appropriate for day make-up during summer. Then apply mascara. This helps to darken the eyes, without using heavy eye make-up. For the night, eye make-up can be heavier, lining the lids with eye liner or pencil. If you use eye liner, smudge the line with a sponge applicator. This gives a smoky effect and is better than a harsh black line. You can try the felt-tipped eye liners which are available nowadays. They ensure a smooth application and are easier to use than liquid eyeliner. At night, use a frosted highlight (white or very light colour) on the brow bone and shine on the eyelids.


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