Makeup Artist Shares Natural Beauty Tips Passed Down by Her Mom

Beauty expert Cynde Watson shares her love of makeup and skincare with her mother and her teenage daughter—they say it’s all about natural generational beauty. 

“My mother has passed down beauty ideas to me, and now I’ve been able to pass down beauty ideas to my daughter,” says Cynde.  

“Something I passed down to Cynde was coconut oil. It’s what my mother would allow us to use on our lips as makeup,” Eleanor, Cynde’s mom, shares. “Coconut oil, you can use as a moisturizer for your skin, you can use it on your lips—and what I’ve done with it is I added lemon to it so then it can be used to brighten your skin as well as it’s moisturizing your skin,” says Cynde.  

“With makeup, [my mom] has taught me that less is more,” says Kennedy, Cynde’s daughter. We love all the natural beauty passed down for generations in this family!  


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