Beauty Product Description Examples and Tips

A convincing product description is a must when it comes to selling beauty products online. If you are a business owner selling makeup and beauty products, this article will provide you with the beauty product description examples that you need to drive your sales.

When it comes to buying skin and beauty products online, I, like most other buyers, tend to get very skeptic. I would never buy a beauty product until I am 100% convinced. It is a matter of my skin after all!

You may have the best products to offer to your customers. But how do you convince people that your products are the best in the first place? How do you differentiate your products from all the other beauty products out there? How can you convince customers to click that“Add to Cart”button?

The answer is simple; a high- quality, highly persuasive product description. Although often ignored, it is one of the most prominent aspects of sales success.

So, how to write the perfect beauty product description that will prompt shoppers to choose your products over the others?

To write a product description that drives sales, it must be relevant and relatable to your customers.

Here are a few tips and examples for you to keep in mind while writing the descriptions for your products.

Know What Your Customers Want

When you are writing a product description, the first and foremost thing to consider is the needs and demands of your customer.

After all, to be able to pursue your buyer, you need to offer what they are looking for.

Hence, before you write your product description, put yourself in your buyers’ shoes and ask yourself what you expect from this product. The best way to do this is to think about the ”who, what, where, when, why, and how” before writing.

alt = '' Neutrogena beauty product description example''Neutrogena using the Q/A technique to make the description interactive

Secondly, as you are not selling in person, it is your product description that must do the selling for you. And the description must be equally convincing as a real conversation.

Imagine having a one-on-one conversation with your customers, think about what would you tell them in person to move them – and then try to incorporate that in your writing. If your product description does not look like something you would tell your friend about, then it probably needs some warmth to it.

Sell benefits not features

Yes, of course, the product features are important. But, for your description to be effective, it must explain what problem your product solves or in what way it helps your customers.

A product feature is a factual statement about the product that provides technical information. A product benefit, on the other hand, tells how the product can improve the buyer’s life. So, instead of just stating the features of your product, discuss what benefits come from these features.

alt = '' benefits of beauty product examples''Turn the features into Benefits

Consider beauty product description examples, this description of Shea butter does not only provide boring technical information about its features. Instead, this description focuses on some benefits one would expect from this product, such as – shiny, moisturized, and smooth hair. At the same time, it also included the ingredients that made it possible, which increases the reliability of the product.

This helps to draw customers’ attention and make it stand out among other similar beauty products.

The power of imagination and storytelling

When you are writing a product description, your target is to get the attention of the reader. If your product description is dull and boring, it is not likely to grab your readers’ attention.

On the contrary, you can use creativity to influence buyer behavior through your product description. Story-telling is a great tool to make an emotional impact on your customers as well as retain their attention. When you trigger an emotional response within customers, it allows you to form a connection with them.

You can go all out on your creativity while writing a product description for beauty products. Or you make it fun to read, make it relatable to your target audience, even while keeping it simple.

alt = '' creativity in product description example''Colorpop using MeanGirls reference to gain customers’ attention

If you are a Mean Girls fan like me, I bet you got excited reading that description too, right?

This is something that audiences can recognize and relate too. The quote is a simple yet clever addition to this product description to gain readers attention.

Balancing Your Words – simple or technical?

Your word selection is one of the most important factors in writing the product description.

When you are writing a description for a beauty product, you need to include all of its features, ingredients, and other important details.

You also need to ensure that you are using enough adjectives and superlatives to convince the shoppers to buy your products. Using words like phrases like Sensational, Remarkable, The first and only, etc. helps to get the attention.

However, at the same time, you have to make sure that you are not overdoing it. That is only going to make it sound unrealistic. Moreover, you need to be careful regarding the use of jargon and technical words. Try to keep things simple and easy to understand.

alt = ''Natasha Denona product description example''Natasha Denona playing with words in their description to make it interesting

For instance, in beauty product description examples of Natasha Denona, you can see that they talk about the palette very creatively. They made use of adjectives to describe the eye shadows and pass the message, without using technical words – and at the same time making sure that it is interesting and attractive to the shoppers.

What to include and what not to?

Now, we already discussed that the product description needs to be simple and easy to understand. But how do you do that? What to include and what not to!

While writing a beauty product description, always remember these 3 tips –

  • Flaunt what your Product does
  • Remember what your product doesn’t have is important too
  • Never be afraid to boast

First, you need to go all-in when you talk about the product. Give a detailed description of the product, explain it’s features and benefits, include its ingredients, mention the size, pricing and delivery policies, how to use the products, etc.

Second, It’s important to mention what your product does not include. For instance, mention if your product doesn’t have colorants, perfumes, or oils that could be irritating to the skin. Or if you are selling organic products, explain that it’s free of preservatives and chemicals – tell them how pure it is.

alt = '' Natural product description ''Josie Maran Boldly showing off what they offer and what they don’t

Mention that your products are not only good for your skin, but also environment friendly. Clearly mention if it is vegan, cruelty-free, etc.

Finally, Do not miss out on a little flaunting, it creates a positive impact on your buyers. If your product is unique in some way boast it, if it is a best seller make sure you mention that!

alt = '' It Cosmetics CC cream description ''It Cosmetics flaunting their ‘Best Seller’ and ‘Award Winning’ titles in the description

Last but not least, make the most out of user reviews! Including an impactful user review can really change the mindset of your buyer.

alt = '' It cosmetics customer review in product description''A cute, helpful customer review wisely included in the product description

Make Use of SEO

Finally, your real target is to convince your shoppers to buy your product. If you have an amazing and well-written product description, but your target audience can’t even find you- at the end of the day, there is no benefit.

So, your product description must be SEO optimized so that it appears higher in search results when your target audience searches for similar products. To do so, you should focus on using the right keywords in your product description. Also use the most important keyword and phrases in your headline and subheadings. Reference it in your title and description meta-tags. If you have photos, use it in the captions and alt tag too. Moreover, you can take the help of customer reviews, add backlinks to social media or blog, etc.

So, there you have it. Now, use these beauty product description examples and tips as a guideline, and start building the perfect description for your products.


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