Bobbi Brown’s Top Makeup Tips and Beauty Secrets

Before and after images of a woman showing the difference of applying makeup for aging eyes Before and after images of a woman showing the difference of applying makeup for aging eyes

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Does your famous apple technique for applying blush still work at 50 when our faces and cheeks have sagged a bit?

Bobbi: Blush adds a healthy look to your skin, so don’t skip it. A cream formula is always better for dry skin since it doesn’t settle in lines, but pass on anything with sparkles. Since our “apples” fall lower on the face with age, try my trick. Smile and apply a natural blush from the round apples of your cheeks upward, towards your hairline. The color should be close to the color of your cheeks when you’re naturally flushed. Then apply a brighter blush just on the apples for a real pop!

Everyone is talking about “radiance” as the key to a healthy look at 50. What’s an easy way to get it?

Bobbi: I like Apricot Kernel Oil, which is $7 at Walmart or Whole Foods, for glow. Just add a few drops to your palm, rub your hands together and pat your face. You can also apply a luminizer product high on the cheekbones over blush, for even more glow.

Are neutrals or bright lipsticks a better choice for women over 50?

Bobbi: It’s a personal choice, but the right lipstick — whether neutral or red — will immediately brighten your face. Roses, pinky browns and plums are all good ways to wear a neutral lip with a little more color now, but to find your best neutral, remove all makeup before you shop or test. You want a color that’s close to your natural lip color but enhanced — that looks good even on a naked face. If you’re lucky enough to look good in a bold red, pink or orange lip, pick your favorite. Just make sure the texture is not too shiny, slippery or greasy — those migrate into lines. I’m a fan of tinted lip balms, too, for those who prefer a more natural, minimal makeup. They’re sheer but have intense color.


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