6 Tips To Improve The Exterior Beauty Of Your Home


As a homeowner, curb appeal is just as important as interior beauty. While it’s not something you need to worry about on a day-to-day basis, house curb appeal becomes significantly more important every time someone looks at your residence. 

In one way or another, they will either be attracted by its exterior appearance or repelled by it – which ones do you want them to take? So if you’ve been wondering how to increase your home’s exterior attractiveness and have failed so far – don’t fret. It’s easier than people might think!

Here Are 6 Tips To Improve The Exterior Beauty Of Your Home!

How Do People Walk Up To Your House?

When they look at your house, the first thing people see is the path/walkway leading up to your front door. It isn’t quite as important as the outer walls of your home, but it can still leave a lasting impression on passersby. 

For instance, if the walkway is clean and uncluttered, that will give off an air of orderliness and professionalism that many homeowners wish for! However, just like most things in life – this benefit is only achievable through proper maintenance (you don’t want your visitors tripping over junk).


Start by removing all unnecessary items on the walkway. While it might be tempting to keep that cracked stone or random piece of furniture (because you work on your garden every day) – remember that they aren’t doing anyone any favours. So instead, replace them with uniform stepping stones or potted plants.


Make Sure Your Front Door is Noticeable

The front door (or doors) form an important part of many exterior homes. Since residents are at home most of the time, having a proper entrance will allow people to enter without breaking down your back door. Although most front doors are dull and boring – there are several ways to make them stand out. 

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For instance, why not try painting yours a bright colour like red or green? While the colours might sound too ‘loud’ for some – remember that curb appeal is all about standing out from the rest! Or you could choose to paint your door a fun and funky design like polka dots (or any other patterns of your choosing). Although this would cost more than colouring – it will definitely be worth it in the end; as we all know – first impressions really do matter.


Make Sure The Windows are Clear

Nothing is more distracting than seeing dark spots on someone’s home; it shows that they’re not taking care of their property. That being said – it’s important to check your windows regularly for cracks or other imperfections caused by weathering. 


You might even want to hire a professional cleaner to visit once every few months so you can ensure every pane of glass is completely clean and reflective! This will show potential buyers that your house is well-maintained and cared for.


You Need More Light

As mentioned earlier, having well-placed lighting can be one of the best ways to increase house curb appeal. Buyers are five times more likely to consider your home if they see that it is well-lit at night. In fact, there are several types of lighting you can use to gain the advantage – from spotlights and lanterns to downlights. 


These will help illuminate different aspects of your home’s exterior design – from windows, walls, gardens and even your doorstep! Just a little investment in these fixtures can go a long way – so don’t be shy about spending a few extra dollars on them.


Your Front Garden is Key

The front garden works as another window for potential buyers. Most people will take less than ten seconds to inspect everything around them before moving on or deciding to enter your house. That being said – it is important that you choose suitable items for your garden to elevate house curb appeal. 


Keep away from typical ‘home items’ like potted plants and flower beds since they are extremely common – instead, try investing in other types of greenery such as topiaries or even a small water fountain! The important thing is that you spend some time dressing up the area – don’t expect it to look perfect immediately.


Don’t Forget The Porch

The front porch is another crucial aspect home that can either make or break its exterior design. However, the key here isn’t to use bright colours – it’s about adding just enough style without going overboard! Remember that you’re trying to increase your home’s attractiveness and not serve as its interior decorator. 


Buyers should be able to look at your porch and see that it’s simple yet stylish (not cluttered, old or dull). So instead of painting the walls with bright colours – try investing in some beautiful furniture like rocking chairs!




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